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Burgers Burgers & Kids Menu

Beef Burger 9.95

with fries and all the trimmings

Double Double Burger 11.95

double meat, double bacon, double cheese served with fries

Chicken Burger 11.95

served with fries

The Space Filler 10.95

juicy beef, melted Canadian Cheese, crispy bacon, tomato & lettuce with fried onions & fries

Napoli Burger 10.95

char-broiled juicy burger, topped with melted mozzarella cheese & bacon with fries

Lexus Burger 11.95

lean ground beef with smoked meat on top and sliced Swiss cheese served with fries

KIDS' Menu

KIDS' Menu

Chicken Fingers 7.95

served with fries

Bugs Bunny Burger 6.95

served with fries

Small Steak 11.95

served with fries

Mini Spaghetti 7.95

served with meat sauce

Bambino Pizza Americana 7.95

sauce, pepperoni, cheese

Shirley Temple 1.95

Ninja Turtle 1.95

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