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Breakfast Specials Breakfast Specials

Single Egg 6.50

your choice

Single Egg 7.75

with choice of bacon or ham or sausages

Two Eggs 6.95

your choice

Two Eggs 7.95

with choice of bacon or ham or sausages

Lean Back Bacon 9.50

with two eggs any style

Mixed Grill 10.95

three farm-fresh eggs, two slices of bacon, two sausages and one slice of ham

Smoked Meat and Eggs 11.95

with two eggs and hot Montreal smoked meat

Steak and Eggs 15.95

8 oz. sirloin steak and two farm-fresh eggs, cooked to order

All the above served with toast, home fries and tea or coffee.
Substitute potatoes with tomatoes for $1.00 additional charge.
Substitute toast for rye toast for $1.00 additional charge.
Onions on the potatoes for 50¢ additional charge.

Breakfast Platters

Meat Platter 13.95

2 lean slices of peameal bacon, hot smoked meat, sausages, home fries, toast & coffee

Salmon Platter

Salmon Platter with bagel 17.95

smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, onion and capers

Pancake Delight

Pancake Delight 12.95

2 pancakes topped with mixed fresh fruit and 3 slices of bacon

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